Vol 22, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Main theoretical, pathophysiological and practical aspects of neuroplasticity. PDF
А. V. Pogorelov, Yu. V. Bukreyeva, О. А. Gavva, V. І. Pashkovsky, О. М. Tolubayev, Е. К. Dukhovenko 4-9
Phytotherapeutic drugs with nephroprotective activity (review). PDF
E. A. Podpletnyaia, N. V. Khomiak, E. V. Sokolova, S. P. Kaydash, E. V. Khomiak 10-19
Practice of implementation of innovative means of teaching in forming of preventive thinking in students of higher medical educational establisments. PDF
E. M. Biletska, T. A. Holovkova, O. V. Antonova 20-24


A comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of local antiseptics in revision hip arthroplasty. PDF
A. E. Loskutov, A. V. Digtiar, D. A. Stepanskiy 25-32
A comparative characteristics of patients with acute coronary syndrome according to data of Ukrainian and European registers 2009-2015. PDF
O. S. Shchukina, O. A. Koval 32-37
Modeling systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease in rats under the adverse weather conditions. PDF
Ye. D. Yegudina, О. V. Synyachenko, О. О. Khanyukov, V. І. Suiarko, G. S. Тaktashov 38-43
The comparative characteristic of extra- and intracranial hemodynamics in patients with traumatic brain injury in the long-term period. PDF
V. M. Shkolnyk, H. D. Fesenko, O. V. Soya 44-50
Medicaments administration into the subtenon eye space in treatment of anterior ischemic neuropathy. PDF
V. N. Sakovich, E. M. Grechka, M. E. Stepakhina, Е. А. Derbina, N. V. Guzenko 50-54
Dynamics of parameters of ultrasonic, microbiological and cytological investigations in the treatment of postoperative wound complications using magnesium containing minerals in the elderly patients. PDF
S. O. Muntyan, A. Y. Nosov, V. V. Getman, K. P. Balash, S. P. Chernyak, N. L. Kruglyak 55-60
Histomorphological features of combined forms of tuberculosis and lung cancer. PDF
Y. F. Savenkov, Y. F. Koshak, I. A. Malcev, I. V. Korpusenko, P. E. Bakulin 61-68
Features of the mental status of patients with community-acquired pneumonia, combined with a chronic pathology of the hepatobiliary system of non-viral genesis. PDF
R. V. Razumnyi, I. D. Spirina 68-75
Muscle dysfunction in tension-type headache in adolescents and methods of its correction. PDF
K. A. Stepanchenko 76-80
Clinical-anamnestic features and quality of life in women with endometrial pathology on the background of uterine myoma. PDF
V. L. Dronova, S. M. Kornienko 81-88
Evaluation of clinical efficacy of a combined analgetic drug "Fanigan" for symptomatic treatment of patients with pain syndrome of various genesis. PDF
V. Y. Mamchur, S. V. Nalotov, D. S. Nosivets, V. I. Palamarchuk, V. G. Guryanov, A. J. Ogol 89-96


Assessment of social losses of pollution's health caused by man-made pollution of atmospheric air with emissions of particulate matters (PM10). PDF
Ye. I. Turos, A. A. Petrosian, A. N. Davidenko 97-102
Study of embryotoxic effects of intranasally administred desloratadine on laboratory animals. PDF
Т. А. Alekhina, V. А. Turkina, О. І. Grushka 102-106
Socio-economic status and antisocial behavior of children and teenagers. PDF
S. A. Schudro 106-111
Primary toxicological evaluation of nitroxoline on laboratory animals. PDF
G. I. Yaskiv 111-114


The influence of studies in Cognitive Wellness University for the elderly people on maintaining their cognitive functions. PDF
L. V. Usenko, G. S. Kanyuka, D. V. Oleniuk, O. O. Usenko, J. V. Silkina 115-123


Memorable Dates. Minister-reformer of Public Health of Ukraine, scientisi, surgeon. PDF
П. Фомін, Я. Березницький, Є. Шепетько 124-129
He lived for the sake of people. To the 180th anniversary of the Yekaterinoslav zemstvo doctor V.T. Skrylnikov (1837-1898). PDF
Yu. G. Pisarenko 130-140
Importance of studying I.V. Leshko-Popel’s activities for the medical students’ moral education. PDF
L. S. Semenova 141-146
The historical essay of the department of Pathological Physiology of Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy. PDF
Yu. V. Kozlova, M. A. Dovgal, V. V. Koldunov, Yu. V. Silkina, G. A. Klopotskiy, A. E. Khudyakov, S. I. Khmel, V. N. Bibikova, N. S. Tryasak, O. V. Anisimova 146-151


Review of monograph of Doctor of Medicine, Professor Prokopov V.O. «Drinking water of Ukraine: medical-ecologic and sanitary-hygiene aspects» edited by Doctor of Medicine, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine A.M. Serdiuk. – K.: Academic Press «Medicine», 2016. PDF
O. A. Shevchenko 152-153