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The journal includes articles which are reflecting the materials of modern scientific researches in the field of physical culture and sports.
The Journal is intendedfor teachers, coaches, athletes, postgraduates, doctoral students research workers and other industry experts.

ЕISSN 2311-6374
Publication of Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture
Country: Ukraine
Published 6 times in a year.

Contents Themes:

  • Physical education of different population groups.
  • Improving the training of athletes of different qualification.
  • Biomedical Aspects of Physical Education and Sports.
  • Human health, physical rehabilitation and physical recreation.
  • Biomechanical and informational tools and technologies in physical education and sport.
  • Management, psychological-educational, sociological and philosophical aspects of physical education and sport.
  • Historical aspects of the development of physical culture and sports.

Language of publication: English

No 2(64) (2018)

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Table of Contents

Substantiation of methodological approaches to compiling complex recreational programs PDF
Oleksandr Aghyppo 5-8
Improving the composition of voluntary programs in the category of Women in fitness PDF
Iryna Bilenka, Alla Mullagildina 9-12
Peculiaities of self-governing students of a higher education institution of a sports profile PDF
Anastasiia Bondar, Yuliya Zhdamirova 13-16
Some results of physical rehabilitation of victims with consequences of mine-blast injury of lower extremities PDF
Hassan Dandash, Denis Podkopai, Tetiana Podkopai, Charbel Youssef 17-21
Author's rogram from combined shaping as a means of improving the physical preparedness of female students PDF
Anastasiia Demchenko 23-25
Improvement of special physical training of athletes 9–10 years old engaged in rhythmic gymnastics PDF
Alfiya Deyneko, Inna Krasova 26-29
Phenomenology of non-verbal communication as a representation of sports activities PDF
Liubov Karpets, Mykhailo Beilin 30-33
Quality of implementation of structural components of competitive programs of qualified athletes, as a factor determining the sporting result in acrobatic rock and roll PDF
Yuliya Lutsenko 34-36
Model characteristics of physical development and special physical preparedness of swimmers 12–15 years old PDF
Оlena Politko 37-40
Modern principles of physical rehabilitation of patients with Osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine PDF
Borys Pustovoit 41-44
Risk factors for the onset of arterial hypertension in women of the first adulthood in the period of manifestation of the disease PDF
Larysa Ruban 45-47
Efficiency of the use of mobile games in water at the stages of primary teaching for children of primary school age PDF
Liliya Sheyko, Nataliia Pashchenko 48-52
Fitness clubs activities in Kharkіv PDF
Svitlana Stadnyk 53-56
Changes in the technical readiness of volleyball players 10–11 years under the influence of visual perception of movement parameters PDF
Ievgeniia Strelnykova, Yuri Gorchanyuk, Olena Nesen 57-60
Analysis of gaming actions of the central blocking in competitive activity of women's volleyball amateur teams PDF
Ievgeniia Strelnykova, Alina Mel’nik, Tamara Liakhova 61-64
Interrelation of psychophysiological indicators and physical readiness of qualified wrestlers PDF
Yura Tropin, Natalya Boychenko 65-69