Salih Çepni

Uludag University, Turkey

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Professional (scientific) interests: Science education, Curriculum development implementation and evualatiation assesment.

Selected Publications:

  1. Yılmaz, G., İlkörücü, Ş., Çepni, S. (2018). The effects of parent-involved science activities on basic science process skills of the children in the age group of 5-6. Pegem Eğitim ve Öğretim Dergisi, 8 (4), 879–903. doi:
  1. Ural Keleş, P., Çepni, S. (2019). Evaluating Drama Activities on Fifth Grade Science Subjects with the Developed Analytical Rubric. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 7 (2), 328–336. doi:
  1. Çepni, S., Demiral, Ü. (2018). Examining argumentation skills of preservice science teachers in terms of their critical thinking and content knowledge levels: An example using GMOs. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 15 (3), 128–151. 
  1. Deveci, I., Çepni, S. (2017). Studies conducted on entrepreneurship in science education: Thematic review of research. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 14 (4), 126–143.
  1. Çepni, S., Ülger, B. B., Ormanci, Ü. (2017). Pre-service science teachers' views towards the process of associating science concepts with everyday life. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 14 (4), 1–15.
  1. Çepni, S., Ormanci, U., Kacar, S. (2017). National and International advances in physics education in the last three years: A thematic review. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 14 (3), 87–108.
  1. Çil, E., Çepni, S. (2015). The effectiveness of conceptual change texts and concept clipboards in learning the nature of science. Research in Science & Technological Education, 34 (1), 43–68. doi: