The pedagogy of freedom in the paradigmatic space of humanistic upbringing systems

Ionas Kievisas, Alla Rastrygina


The research deals with the conceptual foundations of the pedagogy of freedom as a qualitatively new direction of alternative pedagogy, which successfully functions in the paradigmatic space of upbringing systems of humanistic orientation. The historical retrospective of the formation and development of the philosophical and pedagogical ideas of upbringing by freedom and the main directions in which ideas of free upbringing are developing have been outlined. The system of invariant principles that constitute the conceptual basis of the pedagogy of freedom and the parametric model of the types of upbringing environment in which the humanistic positions of the leading representatives of free upbringing are localized, as well as the possibilities and practical experience of the introducing and functioning of the concept of the pedagogy of freedom in domestic educational and upbringing space of today, are presented. It is proved that the pedagogy of freedom, being the most thorough and integral concept among the humanistic educational systems, deduces the idea of upbringing by freedom onto the level of integrated realization in contemporary socio-cultural conditions and may become the theoretical basis for the reconstruction of the modern upbringing system of Ukraine, aimed at the development of an individual as a unique personality, the subject of his/her own life


upbringing environment; pedagogy of freedom; invariant principles; parametric model; free self-determination

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