No 7 (3) (2016)

Table of Contents

Methodological support of the formation of academic literacy skills in Japanese language students of the language HEI of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
Оксана Висилівна Асадчих 4-8
Management of specialists’ professional training in university college: theoretical aspect PDF (Українська)
Марія Василівна Братко 9-16
The problem of personal development in the conditions of renewal of informational culture of society PDF (Українська)
Ярослав Володимирович Галета 16-21
Organizational and methodical aspects of teaching foreign students PDF
Lesya Viktorova 22-27
The role of Ukrainian classical universities in formation of student’s culture of the safe life activity PDF (Українська)
Світлана Петрівна Гвоздій 27-33
The development of professional culture of future doctors: communicative aspect PDF (Русский)
Мария Дмитриевна Дяченко 34-37
An achievement as one of many factors of students’motivations during higher education PDF (Українська)
Богдан Сергійович Коломієць 38-41
Essessment of effectiveness of management by quality of general secondary education at region PDF (Українська)
Світлана Федорівна Одайник 42-45
The model of formation of competence for provide the first pre-medical aid in pharmacists PDF (Українська)
Михайло Анатолійович Омельчук 46-50
Characteristics of adult education in european countries PDF (Українська)
Олена Станіславівна Волярська, Ольга Іванівна Пастушок 51-54
The role of the teacher in construction of informational-educational environment of the school PDF (Українська)
Віталій Віталійович Шовкун 54-60