No 3 (19) (2019)

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Algorithm for carrying out a procedure for verification of a spectrophotometric method for analysis of solid-dosed dosage forms according to the requirements of SPHU 2.0 PDF
Nataliia Bevz, Victoria Georgiyants, Oleksandr Gryzodub 4-10
Investigations with the aim of obtaining a mass for pressing medicated chewing gums "Lysodent C" PDF
Yuliia Maslii, Olena Ruban, Tetiana Kolisnyk 11-16
Risk assessment of logistic activities in foreign economic activity as a component of efficient management by a pharmaceutical company PDF
Natalia Zaharko, Rita Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, Natalia Demchenko 17-21
Synthesis of potential antiexudative preparations for 2-((4-amino-5-(furan-2-il)-1,2,4-triazole-(4H)-3-yl)-sulfanyl)-N-acetamide series PDF
Natalia Chalenko, Anatoly Demchenko, Ganna Syrova 22-29
Influence of dry extract of brassica olearacea on the morphological structure of the gastric mucosa of rats during an experimental ulcer caused by alcohol-prednisolone mixture PDF
Nadiia Kononenko, Mirzachan Mirzaliev, Valentina Chikitkina 30-41
Biologically active substances of salix purpurea F. Gracilis (Gren. & Godr.) C.K. Schneid. (Salicaceae) PDF
Natalia Borodina, Volodimir Kovalyov, Oleh Koshovyi 42-48