Vol 5, No 6(25) (2015)

Fundamental and applied researches: integration into the world scientometric databases

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Table of Contents

Economic security

Determinants of economic security system of the enterprise PDF (Українська)
Олена Вікторівна Ілляшенко 4-7

Development of the productive forces and regional economy

State assistance for Ukrainian regional economy through small scale agricultural producers development PDF
Maria Samarina, Michael Gill 8-10

Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economics

Classification of collectibles at Online Auctions in Ukraine and Poland: comparative analysis PDF (Українська)
Христина Святославівна Демків 11-14

Economics and management of enterprise

The imbalance of supply and demand as an integral indicator, characterizing the objective nature of the phenomenon of competition PDF (Русский)
Владимир Викторович Осипов 15-27

Information technology and control systems

Mutual influence of decision making information model elements estimation PDF (Українська)
Олег Володимирович Заріцький 28-30
Information security factors systematization PDF (Русский)
Вадим Николавевич Янченко, Александр Владимирович Ивченко, Вильям Александрович Залога, Оксана Дмитриевна Дынник 30-35
Detection of computer attacks using network entities monitoring PDF (Русский)
Сергей Вячеславович Балакин 36-38
Image reproduction quality estimation for output raster scanning devices PDF (Українська)
Богдана Михайлівна Гавриш, Олег Володимирович Ющик 39-42
Monitoring of unauthorized places of waste accumulation using satellite imagery PDF (Русский)
Виола Владиславовна Вамболь, Владимир Михайлович Шмандий, Дмитрий Леонидович Крета 42-45
Development of adaptive control system of model of the robot-loader on the basis of Lego Mindstorms NXT PDF (Українська)
Наталія Сергіївна Ащепкова 45-48
Adaptive hardware integration PDF
Taras Zakharchenko 49-52
Improving the reliability of the process of matrix cryptographic transformation PDF (Українська)
Ірина Валеріївна Миронець 52-54
Use of the software structure for model synthesis of positional redundant number systems PDF (Русский)
Светлана Юрьевна Куницкая, Вера Григорьевна Бабенко, Олег Борисович Пивень 55-57
The review of modern ontology driven information systems and services, prospect of their application in e-learning PDF (Українська)
Сергій Вікторович Сирота, Вячеслав Олегович Ліскін 58-60
Development of neural network method for prediction of methane content in mine workings PDF (Українська)
Юлія Леонідівна Дікова 60-62
Information support of estimation of reliability of the operator's work in conditions of increased situational voltage PDF (Русский)
Наталья Игоревна Аралова, Юрий Иванович Мастыкаш, Валерий Иосифович Машкин, Ирина Викторовна Машкина 62-65
Development of complex data protection of server rooms from unauthorized access PDF
Yaroslav Drabyk, Galyna Lastivka 66-68