Vol 4, No 3(36) (2017)

Chemical Engineering

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Chemical and Technological Systems

Determination of optimal parameters for the production of copper-containing particles during plasma-chemical treatment of aqueous solutions PDF PDF (Русский)
Olga Sergeyeva, Alexander Pivovarov 4-8

Measuring Methods in Chemical Industry

Mathematical modeling of the process of fluid filtration through a multi-layer filtering element PDF PDF (Українська)
Anastasia Vecherkovskaya, Svitlana Popereshnyak 9-13

Ecology and Environmental Technology

Investigation of the functioning of a vortex tube in supply of disperse flow (gas – dust particles) to the tube PDF PDF (Українська)
Valery Shaporev, Inna Pitak, Oleg Pitak, Serhii Briankin 14-21
Development of methodological approaches to environmental evaluation of the influence of man-made massifs on the environmental objects PDF PDF (Українська)
Artem Pavlychenko, Yuriy Buchavyy, Vyacheslav Fedotov, Andriy Rudchenko 22-26

Food Production Technology

Research of influence of technological processing parameters of protein-fat base for supply of sportsmen on activity of protease inhibitors PDF PDF (Русский)
Sergiy Bochkarev, Lidiya Krichkovska, Iryna Petrova, Sergey Petrov, Oleksandra Varankina, Anna Belinska 27-30
Investigation of anthoicians availability in sunflower seed husks PDF PDF (Українська)
Victoriіa Papchenko, Tatiana Matveeva, Anna Belinska, Vasyl Rudniev, Oksana Zviahintseva, Nataliya Cherevichna 31-34
The influence of antioxidant heat treatment on utilization of active oxygen forms during storage of cucumbers PDF PDF (Українська)
Olesia Priss, Olena Danchenko, Viktoria Yevlash, Valentina Zhukova, Valentуna Verkholantseva, Dmytrо Stepanenko 35-41
Effect of seed sowing period on polyphenolic compounds content in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under greenhouse conditions PDF PDF (Українська)
Olesia Priss, Irina Burdina, Sergey Kiurchev, Valentуna Verkholantseva, Dmytrо Stepanenko 42-45