Gaile Zinta

Doctor of Science, professor
Latvia University of Agriculture, Latvia

Scopus ID:  35558221500
Publons: посилання


Selected Publications:

  1. Bankina, B., Bimšteine, G., Kaņeps, J., Plūduma-Pauniņa, I., Gaile, Z., Paura, L. et. al. (2021). Discrimination of leaf diseases affecting faba bean (Vicia faba). Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B — Soil Plant Science, 71 (5), 399–407. doi: 

  2. Svarta, A., Bimsteine, G., Gaile, Z., Stanka, T., Daugavina, L. et. al. (2020). Development of winter wheat blotches depending on fungicide treatment schemes and nitrogen rates. Research for Rural Development : Annual 26th International Scientific Conference Proceedings. doi: 

  3. Darguza, M., Gaile, Z. (2020). The effect of crop rotation and soil tillage on winter wheat yield. Research for Rural Developmentthis link is disabled, 35, 14–21.

  4. Locmele, I., Legzdina, L., Piliksere, D., Gaile, Z., Kronberga, A. et. al. (2019). Assessment of spring barley populations in comparison to homogenous varieties. doi: 

  5. Darguza, M., Gaile, Z. (2019). Yield and quality of winter wheat, depending on crop rotation and soil tillage. doi: 

  6. Litke, L., Gaile, Z., Ruza, A. (2019). Effect of nitrogen rate on nitrogen use efficiency in winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus). doi: 

  7. Plūduma-Pauniņa, I., Gaile, Z., Bankina, B., Balodis, R. (2019). Variety, seeding rate and disease control affect faba bean yield components. Agronomy Researchthis link is disabled, 17 (2), 621–634.