«ScienceRise: Biological Science» – scientific peer-reviewed journal, published 4 times a year, included in category “B” «List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine» for specialty 091-Biology (Сertificated by order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 612 from 07.05.2019) and for specialty 211- Veterinary medicine (Сertificated by order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 320 from 07.04.2022).

The goal of "ScienceRise: Biological Science" journal is to provide a platform for scientists to share scientific data in all aspects of the life sciences.

The concept of "Ecosystems", which is considered from three points of view, is at the center of the researched issues of the journal:

– biota, which is affected by external factors caused by human activity,
– the influence of environmental factors on the health of people and animals,
– medicinal properties of plants for their use in medicinal preparations.

Such a focus of research should cover applied aspects related to human and animal health: identification of the causes of diseases and diagnosis based on microbiological studies, prevention, effects of medicinal drugs and supplements, biotechnological solutions for improving the state of health care and the environment.

Therefore, the areas of scientific research covered in the "ScienceRise: Biological Science" journal are divided as follows:

Life Sciences:

  • Biological and agricultural sciences (plants that have medicinal properties);
  • Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (biochemistry, biotechnology);
  • Environmental science (ecology, health, toxicology and mutagenesis);
  • Immunology and microbiology (applied microbiology and biotechnology, immunology, parasitology, virology).

Health Sciences

  • Pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceuticals;
  • Veterinary and veterinary medicine.

ISSN 2519-8017 (print), ISSN 2519-8025 (on-line)

Drawing up the items of the publication ethics policy of the journal «ScienceRise: Biological Science» Editors followed the recommendations of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Attention! Scammers!


We inform you that scammers tried to lure money from one of the members of the editorial board of one of our journals by signing the name of the editor-in-chief Igor Lutsenko.

After our operational investigation, it turned out that the same letter is being sent to other journals around the world (authors and members of the editorial board) - https://www.mattioli1885journals.com/index.php/actabiomedica/newsletter5

Check out the screenshot of the email being sent.

If you receive such a letter, ignore it. These are scammers.

Please always double-check the information with the addressee or contact us at the phone or email contact numbers listed on the website to clarify the information contained in the letter.

Be vigilant, as international criminal elements are using the war in Ukraine for their criminal purposes.

In any case, inform our editors if you receive such letters.

Read more about Attention! Scammers!

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