Reinforcing Education through social-emotional learning: key research trends in Ukraine and worldwide




social-emotional learning, SEL Laboratory, current research trends, Ukraine and the world


The paper explores the significance of advancements in social-emotional learning (SEL), underscoring SEL’s pivotal role in modern education through enhancing personal development, resilience, and socio-emotional competence. In Ukraine, the growing interest in SEL, spurred by societal challenges and individual needs, is evident.

The authors provide an overview of current SEL research, tracing its origins, exploring its theoretical foundations, and highlighting its key role in modern education. They call for interdisciplinary research collaboration to enrich SEL understanding and develop effective programs that foster socio-emotional skills among children and adults, addressing needs at both national and community levels within the educational sphere.

The paper also highlights the work of the SEL Laboratory at the EdCamp Ukraine NGO, which stands out as a hub for scientific exploration, fruitful collaboration, and the use of effective SEL methodologies. It details several key areas of SEL research that the laboratory is focusing on, including customizing SEL frameworks to fit the Ukrainian educational context, refining existing SEL evaluation tools, investigating SEL's cultural nuances within Ukraine, challenges, encountered in implementing SEL programs and the impact of SEL on teaching methodologies. Furthermore, the laboratory engages in international collaboration, contributing to global projects and creating programs, aimed at advancing SEL practices.

The paper contributes to the ongoing dialogue on SEL and stimulates further research in the area. The findings will aid researchers studying social-emotional learning, educators aiming to implement SEL programs in their practice, and policymakers, committed to enhancing modern education. It concludes with a roadmap for the laboratory's future research, the outcomes of which will be reflected in future publications

Author Biographies

Olha Rasskazova, Public organization "EdCamp Ukraine"; Municipal Institution “Kharkiv Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy” of Kharkiv Regional Council

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of Laboratory

SEL Laboratory


Department of Social Work

Oleksandr Elkin, Public organization "EdCamp Ukraine"; Institute of Problems in Education of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

PhD, Head of organization;

Doctoral student

Viktoriia Hrynko, Public organization "EdCamp Ukraine"; Donbas State Pedagogical University

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Leading Specialist

Department of Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Computer Studies in Primary Education

Oleg Marushchenko, Public organization "EdCamp Ukraine"; Kharkiv National Medical University

PhD, Associate Professor, Vice Head of organization

Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences


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