Experimental research on the development of the composition of the transdermal therapeutic system of anti-inflammatory action based on composition of natural substances





transdermal patches, composition, extract of white willow bark, sage extract of medicinal leaves, quercetin


The aim of the work is to develop the composition of the transdermal therapeutic system of anti-inflammatory action based on active pharmaceutical ingredients of natural origin.

Materials and methods. Selection of adhesive materials, plasticizers and solvents, the effect of introduction to the base of active pharmaceutical ingredients, determination of optimal temperature and drying time, pharmacological screening was performed by physicochemical, biopharmaceutical and biological research methods.

Results. The composition of the hydrophilic adhesive composition, which includes polyvinylpyrrolidone, eudragit (adhesives), PEO-400 (plasticizer), isopropyl alcohol (solvent) 50: 8: 12: 30, respectively. This composition has excellent organoleptic properties, is easily applied to the polymer base, holds its shape well (does not flow beyond the base), is applied in a thin layer and evenly distributed on the base. The optimal mode of drying of the adhesive composition based on PVP is 75 °C for 30 min, based on PVA – 75 °C for 35 min, the composition containing eudragit - 50 °C for 10 min. It is established that the addition of active substances to the adhesive composition does not adversely affect its properties.

The study of antiexudative activity using different combinations of substances of natural origin as API and found that the best anti-inflammatory properties (25 %) have a sample No. 4, which includes dry extracts of white willow bark and sage leaves and quercetin 3:1:3 in accordance.

Conclusions. Based on physicochemical, biopharmaceutical and pharmacological studies, the composition of the transdermal therapeutic system of anti-inflammatory action with active pharmaceutical ingredients of natural origin has been developed

Author Biographies

Liliia Vyshnevska, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs

Anastasia Olefir, National National University of Pharmacy

Postgraduate Student

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs

Dmytro Lytkin, National University of Pharmacy

PhD, Deputy Director of Educational and Scientific Institute

Educational and Scientific Institute of Applied Pharmacy

Liubov Bodnar, National University of Pharmacy

Рostgraduate Student

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs


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