No 4 (24) (2018)

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Google Docs of the Google Apps Services: coordination and supervision of the activity of organizational and educational units of higher educational institutions PDF (Українська)
Аnastasiia Karpenko 4-8
Licensed integrated examination "Step 1. medicine" in the bogomolets national medical university as education quality control indicator PDF (Українська)
Nataliya Obernikhina, Lesya Yanitskaya, Tetyana Sanzhur, Tetyana Pradiy 9-15
The formation of value orientations of students in the university cultural creative environment PDF (Українська)
Larissa Ordina, Alexandr Yarmola 16-19
Inclusive teaching a foreign language senior pupils with musculoskeletal disorders: special educational needs and adjustments PDF (Українська)
Natalia Scherba 20-24
Methodology for determining the effectiveness of electronic educational resources for the system of postgraduate education of teachers PDF (Українська)
Ganna Kashina 24-31
Formation and development stages of gender education in a higher school of the post-soviet countries PDF (Українська)
Svitlana Hryshak 31-37
The modern state of future doctor preparation in the Great Britain: comparative and pedagogical aspects PDF (Українська)
Kamilla Magrlamova 38-42
Improvement of qualification of managing, pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers by the accumulating system: answer to challenges of modernity PDF (Українська)
Larysa Olifira 43-47
Modern trends of art post-graduate pedagogical education PDF (Українська)
Anastasia Lavrinets 47-50
Conceptual bases of interactive learning at higher military school PDF (Українська)
Nataliia Zamotaieva 51-55