Vol 5, No 3(19) (2014)

Fundamental and applied researches: integration into the world scientometric databases

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Mathematical Modeling - Applied Aspects

Modeling of electric power systems PDF (Українська)
Олександр Іванович Дорошенко 4-8
Polymer wall slip modelling PDF (Русский)
Игорь Игоревич Ивицкий 8-11
Application of parameter continuation method for analysis of vibroimpact 2-dof systems PDF (Русский)
Ольга Семеновна Погорелова, Татьяна Георгиевна Постникова, Валентина Владимировна Отрашевская 11-15

Technology organic and inorganic substances

Study of whiskers’ mechanical properties. creep and internal friction PDF (Русский)
Сергей Робленович Артемьев 16-18
Obtaining of micro- and nanoscale copper compounds by plasma-chemical treatment of solutions PDF (Русский)
Ольга Вячеславовна Сергеева 19-22

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Expansion of technological possibilities of universal gear milling machines by introduction of the controlled main motion drive PDF (Українська)
Сергій Іванович Громнюк 23-27
Research of synthetic iron microstructure parameters to maximize of its quality PDF (Русский)
Оксана Сергеевна Коваль 27-30

Information technology and control systems

Development of a method for maintaining energy production and consumption ratio PDF (Українська)
Євгенія Євстафіївна Чайковська 31-34
Expert aspects of information technologies for evaluation of spectral characteristics of textile materials PDF (Русский)
Ирина Анатольевна Прохорова 34-37
Analysis of causes degradation of materials of discrete devices of computer systems PDF (Українська)
Артур Анатолійович Златкін, Ольга Віталіївна Кравченко, Олександр Сергійович Вовчановський 37-41
Solution of a problem of automated creation of terminological dictionary of subject domain PDF (Українська)
Наталя Володимирівна Борисова, Ольга Валеріївна Каніщева, Зоя Анатоліївна Кочуєва 41-44
Development of an electrostatic method of nondestructive testing with high noise immunity PDF (Українська)
Дар’я Костянтинівна Івіцька 44-47

Economics and management of enterprise

Development of basic approaches to improve industrial enterprise investment support PDF (Українська)
Анастасія Аркадіївна Дискіна 48-51
Features of the functioning of corporate control models PDF (Українська)
Дмитро Дмитрович Гнатченко 52-55

Development of the productive forces and regional economy

Financial position of social programmes as instruments of social protection of Ukraine’s population PDF (Українська)
Роксоляна Орестівна Маслик 56-59
Prospects of credit unions’ development as a necessary tool for providing financial services PDF (Українська)
Ольга Ярославівна Маліновська 59-62
Influence of corruption practices on political and institutional development indicators of modern economic systems PDF (Українська)
Юрій Петрович Івашук 63-66

Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economics

Research of modern trends in global e-commerce market development PDF (Українська)
Людмила Юріївна Патраманська 67-71