Vol 1, No 2(33) (2017)

Information and Control Systems

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Information technologies

Influence of features of information leakage channels on intelligibility of eavesdropped voice messages PDF (Українська)
Юрій Володимирович Ликов, Ганна Дмитрівна Морозова, Віталій Дмитрович Кукуш 4-8
Developing the model of ecosystem in natural disasters conditions PDF
Maryna Zharikova 8-12
Development of mathematical model of decision making based on analysis of values of stakeholders PDF (Русский)
Иван Иванович Оберемок, Наталья Васильевна Оберемок 13-18

Systems and control processes

The effect of surface observation angle on accuracy of non-contact temperature measurement method PDF
Gennady Oborsky, Aleksandr Levinskiy, Maryna Holofieieva 19-22
Analysis of destabilizing factors of internal sustainability of urban public passenger transport PDF (Українська)
Володимир Олексійович Вдовиченко 23-30
Using of virtualized IT-infrastructure under normal operation of automation systems of technological objects PDF (Українська)
Петро Андрійович Вавулін, Тетяна Владиславівна Бойко 30-37
Investigation of the effect of ship size and marine transportation distance on the possible decrease of voyage efficiency PDF
Olha Vyshnevska, Dmitry Vishnevsky 38-44
Modeling of passenger transport correspondence between regional centers in Ukraine PDF
Constantine Dolya 44-48
Analysis of errors of profile transformation scale PDF
Magomedali Nureddin Nuriyev, Rena Mursal Hacimuradova, Esmin Jalal Khalilov, Ayten Aliaga Aqayeva, Ganira Zargar Jabbarova 48-54