Obligations and responsibilities of editors

Editor-in-Chief:  Is responsible for everything that was published in the journal.  Provides the satisfaction of the interests of authors and readers.  Conduct the policy of continuous improvement of the journal.  Maintains the integrity and academic of the journal by monitoring of the compliance of the published research with international ethical principles. Controls guarantees that all the studies presented in this article, approved organizations, where they have been carried out. When it detects that the journal had published significant inaccuracies or misleading information, take measures for the immediate publication of corrections, retractions and apologies.  Ensures no conflict of interest of authors, reviewers, editors, organizations and other parties involved in the preparation of articles for publication.  Ensures confidentiality of the material in the editorial office.  Ensures peer reviewers identities protection in cases where there is not open peer review agreed with the authors, reviewers and editors.  Ensures the authors to appeal editorial decisions and prompt response to complaints. 

Scientific editors:  Ensure the quality of the published material.  Ensure acceptance or rejection of articles based on their quality and scientific significance, without regard to commercial reasons.  Ensure plagiarism detection and countering the use of falsification.  Control that clinical studies, the results of which are presented in the paper were carried out in compliance with ethical norms and the principles of the Helsinki Declaration, the Convention of the Council of Europe Convention on Human Rights (1997), the International Code of Medical Ethics (1983).  Control that experimental studies, the results of which are presented in the paper were carried out in compliance with the "European Convention for the Protection of Vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes" (Strasbourg, 1985).  Inform to the editor-in-chief about detected cases of plagiarism, breach of research ethics, copyright violation and other possible violation detected while working with submitted materials.