Obligations and responsibilities of peer- reviewer

A reviewer in their work should be guided by ethical standards COPE (http://publicationethics.org/files/Ethical_guidelines_for_peer_reviewers_0.pdf) for reviewers.

 A reviewer must declare to the editor-in-chief all potential conflicting interest author / reviewer, the reviewer / organization, which presented the work,  the intellectual, financial or any other. 

The reviewer must inform the editor, if there are doubts about the ethical aspects of the work. 

The reviewer must inform the facts of plagiarism, to attract the attention of the editor in the event of any significant similarity or overlap between the submitted manuscript and any other known him personally published work. 

The reviewer should evaluate the manuscript without regard to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, political opinion of author. 

The reviewer should evaluate only the manuscript (or part of the manuscript), the subject of which corresponds to his specialized knowledge, allowing to provide a proper and timely evaluation of the work. 

The reviewer should not involve anyone in the review of manuscript, including junior researches, without obtaining permission of the journal. 

The reviewer is obliged respect the confidentiality of peer review. 

The reviewer should not contact the author directly without the permission of the journal. 

The reviewer should not use information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person's or organization. 

The reviewer must be objective and constructive in their reviews, to express their views clearly, reasonably and correctly. 

The reviewer is obliged to check the rectification of the author in according to comments.