Publishing ethics

State Institution "I.Mechnikov Institute of microbiology and immunology of the NAMS of Ukraine" as a publisher of the journal "Annals of Mechnikov Institute" (ISSN 1993-4327) recognizes the principles developed by the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE) and keeps them in their activities.

Monitoring of publications ethics is one of the main aspects of the editorial and peer-review, is the responsibility of the editor-in-chief and scientific editors.

We guarantee that advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue does not endanger the intellectual and ethical standards, do not have any influence on editorial decisions.

We urge the editors, authors and reviewers to work in according to the Code of Conduct adopted by the COPE.

We denounce the plagiarism in all its forms, recognize it unethical and unacceptable. We take measures to plagiarism identify.

With the publication of the journal followed relevant legislative and normative acts on the protection of intellectual property and copyright.

In the journal accepts only articles which have never been published before.

In the Journal accepts the articles that contain a complete list of references.

In the Journal accepts the articles describing the results of clinical or experimental researches carried out in compliance with the ethical standards for the protection of human rights and the protection of experimental animals.

Articles submitted to the journal are peer-reviewed obligatorily.

The Editorial Board is constantly working to improve of the journal.