Obligations and responsibilities of authors

All study materials were submitted to the journal should be carried out in compliance with research ethics (International Standards for Authors http://publicationethics.org/files/International%20standards_authors_for%20website_11_N ov_2011.pdf) and should comply with all relevant legislation. 

Authors must ensure that the article submitted to the journal is original and have never been published. 

Authors must ensure that the submitted article is not plagiarism. 

Authorship of all researchers should be fairly represented. Using the data of other authors, including tables and figures, should always be mentioned with link or should refer in the text. 

Scientific review and synthesis of existing research should be complete, balanced, include data regardless of whether they confirm or refute the hypothesis of the author of the review. 

Each article should have a complete list of reference. 

Authors must present their results honestly and clearly, without falsification and data manipulation. 

Authors should to describe their methods clearly and unambiguously, so that the results, if necessary, could be repeated by others researchers. 

Authors of the article should be only those who have made significant contributions to the conception, planning, execution, interpretation of the described research. 

The authors are collectively responsible for the submitted and published work, which should be indicated at the end of the article.

 At the end of the article should be disclosed all sources of the financial support for the presentation of scientific research.

 At the end of the article should be disclosed the role of the supervisor (developer) of the study, the role of the sponsor, if any, as well as the role of other persons involved in the design of the article. 

At the end of the article, authors should submit a guarantee the absence of conflicts of interest and absence of its financial interest in writing the article. 

Authors are must to participate in the article peer review, making the necessary corrections in according with the comments of the reviewer or providing convincing arguments of own point of view.