Alexey Kapustin

Miami University Oxford, USA, Pryazovskyi State Technical University Havighurst Center, Ukraine
Department of Chemistry

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Selected Publications:

  1. Dan, O., Butenko, E., Kapustin, A. (2015). Neutralisation of hydrogen sulfide from industrial waste water by oxidation. Water and Ecology, 3, 49.

  2. Kolyada, Yu. E., Fedun, V. I., Tyutyunnikov, V. I., Savinkov, N. A., Kapustin, A. E. (2013). Formation mechanism of the metallic nanostructures using pulsed axial electrothermal plasma accelerator. Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 4, 297–300.

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  4. Kapustin, A. (2010). Mercarbide: An unusual organomercury polymer. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 254 (11-12), 1290–1294. doi: 

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  6. Zvereva, M. V., Makarov, M. G., Kapustin, A. E. (1998). Reaction of alcohols with α-oxides in the presence of layered double catalysts. Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis Letters, 65 (2), 349–354. doi: 

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