Submission to the editor

1. Formatting of the manuscript of the article according to the requirements of the journal (link)
2. Submitting of the manuscript of the article to the editors by one of the methods convenient for the authors:

When submitting a manuscript to the editor, please send a letter to the email or as follows:
Dear Editors!
Please find attached the original research article "______________________________________________________________________" written by authors ____________________________________________________ for your kind consideration for publication.
All authors have read and approved this variant of the paper. No part of it has been published or presented elsewhere. The authors have no conflicts of interest related to the research described in the manuscript. The authors of ______________________________, by submitting the manuscript to the Editorial Office of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies", agree to all the requirements regarding the design, submission of the manuscript of the paper, payment, and are fully responsible in case of violation of these requirements.
We look forward to receiving comments from reviewers.
On behalf of all the authors of this manuscript,
This contact person must be specified in clause 10.2. of the License Agreement

We strictly do not accept manuscripts from third parties, unless the third party is the organization (institution) in which the author/authors work.

Where an individual who is not listed as an author submits a manuscript on behalf of the author(s), a statement must be included in the Acknowledgements section of the manuscript and in the accompanying cover letter. The statements must:

  • Disclose this type of editorial assistance – including the individual’s name, company and level of input
  • Identify any entities that paid for this assistance
  • Confirm that the listed authors have authorized the submission of their manuscript via third party and approved any statements or declarations, e.g. conflicting interests, funding, etc.

Editorial office reserves the right to deny consideration to manuscripts submitted by a third party rather than by the authors themselves.

3. After checking the author’s manuscript for compliance with the topic and uniqueness, as well as providing license agreement, the manager sends an invoice to pay an advance of UAH 1000.00 (for citizens of Ukraine) / EUR 50.00 (for foreigners).

When submitting a manuscript to the editorial office, the author / team of authors agrees to all the terms of the License Agreement, guaranteeing that:

  • s/he is the author (co-author) of the Manuscript / Work;
  • the copyright to the Manuscript / Work was not previously transferred to third parties;
  • at the time of conclusion of the Agreement, Licensor's rights to the Manuscript / Work are not disputed, not pledged, not granted under license agreements to other persons;
  • the Manuscript / Work was not transferred to other persons;
  • the Manuscript/ Work was not previously published in any other publication before its publication by Licensee;
  • s/he did not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If the Manuscript / Works contains materials by other persons, except for cases of citation to the extent justified by the scientific, informational, or critical nature of the Manuscript / Work, such materials are used by the Licensor in compliance with the norms of the law;
  • s/he received all the necessary permits to use the results, facts, and other adopted materials, the right holder of which is not her/him;
  • the Manuscript / Work does not contain information prohibited for open publication in accordance with the acting legislation of Ukraine and its printing and/or dissemination by the Licensee will not lead to the disclosure of classified (confidential) information (including state, official secrets);
  • guarantees that Information about the author (co-authors) of the Manuscript is reliable
  • the Manuscript / Work will not be published in any other publication prior to its publication by the Licensee.

In case of violation of any terms of the License Agreement, the author / group of authors is liable in accordance with the License Agreement.

4. Work with the editors: reviewing, editing and work with the layout editor.
5. After the editorial board has accepted a positive decision to publish the article, make a final payment in accordance with the invoice for payment. The payment term is indicated in the invoice.
The amount paid according to paragraph 3 of the rules for submitting the manuscript of the article is counted as an advance for the pre-print preparation of the articles and is considered in payment after the decision to publish the article is made (Terms of payment). A fact confirming the provision of the service is the publication of the accepted article on the publication’s website

In case of a negative decision of the reviewers to publish an article in the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies", the amount of the advance payment (p. 3) is not refundable and covers the pre-press work with the article.

The refusal by the editorial staff (pre-press preparation, namely editing/reviewing the article) to the e-mail of the author (s) indicated in the article is a fact of confirmation of the performed work.

6. Submit a package of documents to the editorial office (link)


The author (team of authors) submitting the manuscript to the editorial office of the journal «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies» agrees with all requirements for registration, submission of the manuscript of the article and payment and be responsible in case of violation of these requirements.