Package of documents

  • License agreement

To the attention of the authors! Why it is important to have a signed license agreement, you can view at the link.

The license agreement for the article can be issued in the following ways:
– in electronic form (only for citizens of Ukraine). The license agreement must be signed by all authors using EDS;
– in paper form. The license agreement must be signed by all authors.

Authors must be identified in one of the following ways:
– Signatures can be certified by the seal and signature of the personnel department of the institution where the author(s) work. If the author collective includes authors from different institutions, the respective authors' signatures must be certified by their respective institutions.
– Personal identification documents (passport, ID card, driver's license) can be provided.

The scan of the signed license agreement should be sent to the editorial e-mail addresses or from the e-mail address of the corresponding author specified in clause 10.2 of the License Agreement.

  • Cover Letter (to be filled in electronically)

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