About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Terminology used in the title of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" should be read as "industrial technologies". "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" publishes all those best ideas from the science, which can be introduced in the industry. Since, obtaining  the high-quality, competitive industrial products is based on introducing high technologies from various independent spheres of scientific researches, but united by a common end result - a finished high-technology product. Among these scientific spheres, there are information technologies and control systems, engineering, energy and energy saving. Publishing scientific papers in these directions are the main development "vectors" of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies". Since, these are those directions of scientific researches, the results of which can be directly used in modern industrial production: space and aircraft industry, instrument-making industry, mechanical engineering, power engineering, chemical industry and metallurgy.

Therefore, the scientists, associated with modern production, have the opportunity to participate in technology transfer to industry, publishing the results of their applied scientific researches. Industrialists, in turn, can draw scientific and practical information from the journal - each in their direction:

  • specialists in management and computer science - from volumes "Information technology. Industry control systems", "Mathematics and Cybernetics - Applied Aspects";
  • mechanical and design engineers - from the volume "Applied Mechanics";
  • production engineers - from volumes "Engineering technological systems", "Applied Physics", "Technology of organic and inorganic substances", "Ecology" and the " Materials Science";
  • production and power engineers - from the volume "Energy-saving technology and equipment".

The goal of the journal is to eliminate the gap, which occurs between the rapidly emerging new scientific knowledge and their introduction in the industry, which requires much more time. Industrial enterprises are active subscribers to the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies", and production engineers check the practical value of those scientific and technological ideas, which are recommended for implementation by scientists-authors of the ''Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies".

The objective of the journal in achieving the goal is forming a "scientific component" of modern technologies transfer from science to industry. Therefore, in the papers, published in the journal, the emphasis is placed on both scientific novelty, and practical value.


Materials of scientific research works of scientific and pedagogical employees, scientists, specialists who are associated with modern production and have the opportunity to participate in the transfer of technologies to industry are accepted for publication in the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies", publishing the results of their applied scientific research in the following specialties:

Technical sciences:
101 – Ecology
104 – Physics and astronomy
105 – Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
113 – Applied Mathematics
121 – Software Engineering
122 – Computer Science
123 – Computer Engineering
124 – System Analysis
125 – Cybersecurity
126 – Information Systems and Technologies
131 – Applied Mechanics
132 – Materials Science
133 – Sectoral Mechanical Engineering
134 – Aviation and rocket-space technology
135 – Shipbuilding
136 – Metallurgy
141 – Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics
142 – Power Engineering
143 – Nuclear Power
144 – Heat Power Engineering
145 – Renewable energy and hydropower
151 – Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies
152 – Metrology and Information-measuring Technologies
161 – Chemical Technology and Engineering
163 – Biomedical Engineering
171 – Electronics
172 – Electronic communications and radio engineering
181 – Food Technology
182 – Technologies of light industry
183 – Technology for Environmental Protection
184 – Mining
185 – Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology
186 – Publishing and Printing
261 – Fire Safety
271 – Maritime and inland water transport
272 – Air transport
273 – Railway Transport
274 – Automobile transport
275 – Transport Technologies

Economic Sciences:
071 – Accounting and Taxation
072 – Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 – Management
075 – Marketing
076 – Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities


Publishing policy

When developing the provisions of the publishing policy of the Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologiesjournal, the editors were guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

An integral part of the publishing house's policy is the ethical principles of activity, which can be found at the link.

Since the beginning of the unprovoked full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the publishing house has revised its policy and introduced additional provisions regarding cooperation with individuals and legal entities.

The editors of the Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies journal do not cooperate with natural and legal persons – residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, persons who are in the territory of these states, are directly or indirectly sponsored by them or are in the State Register of Sanctions or other sanction lists, as well as in the case of information from recognized and reliable sources (state authorities, international organizations, etc.) about the involvement of the author(s) in money laundering or terrorist financing.

If the editors find that said individuals or entities have misrepresented their location, identity, or any other material information in order to avoid restrictions on manuscript acceptance for review or publication, or for any other reason, appropriate action will be taken accordingly to editorial policy, namely the deletion of an article manuscript, if it is under consideration, or the deletion of a published article.


Journal History

The «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies» was first published in 2003.

The creation of the journal was preceded by two-year-long discussions and consultations regarding the journal concept with the participation of scientists from Ukraine, Finland, and the Netherlands. The experience of foreign colleagues in submitting scientific works helped create the type of a scientific journal new to Ukraine.

That made it possible to inform the industry about a wide range of advanced technological solutions, suggested and reported by the journal. This was the implementation of the journal concept – to transfer scientific knowledge to the industry, which is especially important under conditions of the transforming economies.

The first issue of the journal was published in February 2003 with separate issues in the English and Russian/Ukrainian languages.

Since 2003, the journal has been on the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine, where the results of dissertation research can be published.

Accurate adherence to journal terms and transparency of the editorial policy have become factors that have attracted a large number of authors from Ukraine in almost every area of engineering science. Consequently, the journal was structured into separate volumes: first, it was published in a single volume, a year later in two volumes, then in four volumes, and, finally, the structure of 12 volumes formed in 2017.

In 2009 and 2014, the «Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies» was re-registered to be included in the list of HAC of Ukraine No. 1-05/2 as of 27.05.2009, No. 1-05/3 as of 08.07.2009, by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 793 dd. 04.07.2014.

By constantly studying the experience of the world's leading publishers, the editors of the journal introduced new forms and enriched the content of its work with authors, reviewers, and readers. The dynamic development of the journal did not go unnoticed by many world resources for indexing scientific periodicals, as the list of resources of its current indexing can testify (link).

Since 2015, the journal has been indexed by scientometric database Scopus.

In 2019, the journal was included in the «List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine» (category «A») on technical sciences for 37 specialties (approved by the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 358 dd. 15.03.2019, No. 612 dd. 07.05.2019, and No. 975 dd. 11.07.2019).

In 2020 the journal was included in the "List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine" (category "A") on physical and mathematical sciences for specialties 104 and 105 (approved by the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1471 from 26.11.2020).

Since January 2021, Journal "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" is complemented by a new, 13th volume "Technology Transfer: Industry, Energy, Nanotechnology".

In 2021 the journal was included in the "List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine" (category "A") on economic sciences for specialties 071, 072, 073, 075, 076 (approved by the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 735 from 29.06.2021).