Viktor Legeza

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic institute", Ukraine
Doctor of technical sciences, Professor
Department of Computer Systems Software

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Selected Publications:

  1. Dychka, I. A., Legeza, V. P., Onai, M. V., Severin, A. I. (2020). Modified change-of-basis conversion method in GF(2m). Radio Electronics, Computer Science, Control, 2, 117–128. doi: 

  2. Dychka, I., Legeza, V., Oleshchenko, L., Bohutskyi, D. (2020). Method Simultaneous Using GAN and RNN for Generating Web Page Program Code from Input Image. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 338–349. doi: 

  3. Legeza, V. P., Neshchadym, O. M., Zabolotnia, T. M. (2020). Modelling the process of damping longitudinal loads in transport systems using roller impact absorbers. KPI Science News, 2, 44–54. doi: 

  4. Legeza, V. P., Atamaniuk, O. V. (2019). Curve of descent of a material point in the shortest time on a transcendental surface in a uniform vertical gravitational field. KPI Science News, 5-6, 18–25. doi: 

  5. Legeza, V. P., Atamaniuk, O. V. (2019). The brachistochronic movement of a material point in the horizontal vector field of a mobile fluid. KPI Science News, 3, 44–51. doi: 

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  7. Hu, Z., Legeza, V. P., Dychka, I. A., Legeza, D. V. (2017). Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Vibration Protection in a System with two-mass Damper Pendulum. International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications, 9 (3), 18–25. doi: 

  8. Legeza, V. P. (2016). Effectiveness of a Roller Damper in Suppressing Conductor Galloping. International Applied Mechanics, 52 (4), 422–431. doi: