Galyna Shcherbakova

Odessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine
Doctor of technical sciences, Associate Professor
Department of Electronic Apparatus & Information Technology

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Selected Publications:

  1. Zahorodnia, D., Bykovyy, P., Sachenko, A., Krylov, V., Shcherbakova, G., Kit, I. et. al. (2020). Analysis of Objects Classification Approaches Using Vectors of Inflection Points. Lecture Notes in Computational Intelligence and Decision Making, 148–157. doi: 

  2. Shcherbakova, G., Krylov, V., Logvinov, O., Bilous, N. (2017). Adjustement of wavelet function parameters for analysis of non-stationary periodic signals with multistart optimization. 2017 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications. Science and Technology (PIC S&T). doi: 

  3. Shcherbakova, G., Hao-Su, S., Krylov, V., Bilous, N., Antoshchuk, S. (2017). Estimation of the duration of RR-intervals of electrocardiograms by mean of multi-start optimization based on wavelet transformation. 2017 9th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications (IDAACS). doi: 

  4. Krylov, V., Shcherbakova, G., Pisarenko, R., Bilous, N. (2016). Signal restoration by means of blind deconvolution based on optimization with wavelet transformation. 2016 Third International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of Infocommunications Science and Technology (PIC S&T). doi: 

  5. Krylov, V. N., Pisarenko, R. A., Shcherbakova, G. Y. (2016). Information technology of quality assessment of assembly units in radio equipment manufacturing. Electrical and computer systems, 23 (99), 127–131. doi: 

  6. Shcherbakova, G., Krylov, V., Pisarenko, R. (2016). Information technology components selecting for equipment critical applications. 2016 IEEE First International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing (DSMP). doi: 

  7. Shcherbakova, G., Krylov, V., Pisarenko, R., Logvinov, O. (2016). Automation of the data processing via clustering on the wavelet transform base. 2016 13th International Conference on Modern Problems of Radio Engineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science (TCSET). doi: