Iryna Shvedchykova

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

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Selected Publications:

  1. Shvedchykova, I., Melkonova, I., Romanchenko, J. (2020). Research of magnetic field distribution in the working area of disk separator, taking into account an influence of materials of permanent magnets. EUREKA: Physics and Engineering, 1, 87–95. doi: 

  2. Shavelkin, A., Shvedchykova, I. (2020). Management of generation and redistribution electric power in grid-tied photovoltaic system of local object. Tekhnichna Elektrodynamika, 2020 (4), 55–59. doi: 

  3. Shavolkin, O., Shvedchykova, I., Demishonkova, S. (2020). Simulation model of the photovoltaic system with a storage battery for a local object connected to a grid with multi-zone tariffication. 2020 IEEE 7th International Conference on Energy Smart Systems (ESS). doi: 

  4. Shvedchykova, I., Melkonova, I., Melkonov, H. (2019). Determining the force function distribution in the working zone of a disk magnetic separator. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 5 (5 (101)), 22–29. doi: 

  5. Shavelkin, O. O., Kaplun, V. V., Shvedchikova, I. A. (2019). Error elimination for current control loop for multi-functional single-phase grid-connected inverter. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, 4, 35–40. doi: 

  6. Shvedchykova, I., Soloshych, I., Tytiuk, V. (2017). Creating a learning information retrieval system for selection of electromechanical devices for cleaning of gas emissions, wastewater and solid waste. 2017 International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems (MEES). Kremenchuk, 336–339. doi: 

  7. Gerlici, J., Shvedchikova, I. A., Nikitchenko, I. V., Romanchenko, J. A. (2017). Investigation of Influence of Separator Magnetic System Configuration with Permanent Magnets on Magnetic Field Distribution in Working Area. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, 2, 13–17. doi: 

  8. Shvedchykova, I., Romanchenko, J., Nikitchenko, I. (2017). Analysis of magnetic field distribution in matrix of magnetic separator with lamellar polygradient medium. EUREKA: Physics and Engineering, 2, 40–46. doi: 

  9. Soloshych, I., Shvedchykova, I. (2016). Development of systematics ranked structure of environmental protecting equipment for cleaning of gas emissions, wastewater and solid waste. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6 (10 (84)), 17–23. doi: 

  10. Velchenko, A. A., Zagirnyak, M. V., Shvedchikova, I. A. (2016). Calculation of traction force of electromagnetic actuator. Acta Technica, 61 (4), 423–431.