Liang Zeng

Tianjin University, China
School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

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  1. Yu, J., Xiao, J., Li, A., Yang, Z., Zeng, L., Zhang, Q. et. al. (2020). Enhanced Multiple Anchoring and Catalytic Conversion of Polysulfides by Amorphous MoS3 Nanoboxes for High‐Performance Li‐S Batteries. Angewandte Chemie, 132 (31), 13171–13178. doi: 

  2. Sun, Z., Zhang, X., Li, H., Liu, T., Sang, S., Zeng, L. et. al. (2020). Chemical looping oxidative steam reforming of methanol: A new pathway for auto-thermal conversion. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 269, 118758. doi: 

  3. Liu, R., Pei, C., Zhang, X., Chen, S., Li, H., Zeng, L. et. al. (2020). Chemical looping partial oxidation over FeWO /SiO2 catalysts. Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 41 (7), 1140–1151. doi: 

  4. Tang, N., Wang, W., You, H., Zhai, Z., Hilario, J., Zeng, L., Zhang, L. (2018). Morphology tuning of porous CoO nanowall towards enhanced electrochemical performance as supercapacitors electrodes. Catalysis Today. doi: 

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  7. Chen, S., Zeng, L., Tian, H., Li, X., Gong, J. (2017). Enhanced Lattice Oxygen Reactivity over Ni-Modified WO3-Based Redox Catalysts for Chemical Looping Partial Oxidation of Methane. ACS Catalysis, 7 (5), 3548–3559. doi: 

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