Vol 3, No 10 (93) (2018)


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Research into biotechnological processes of plant S­nutrition stimulation by the products of phosphogypsum disposal in gas cleaning systems PDF
Leonid Plyatsuk, Yelizaveta Chernysh, Iryna Ablieieva, Oksana Burla, Larysa Hurets 6-14
A study of wastewater treatment conditions for the poultry meat processing enterprise PDF
Konstantyn Makhlay, Musii Tseitlin, Valentina Raiko 15-20
Experimental study of temperature mode of a fire in a cable tunnel PDF
Oleksandr Nuianzin, Serhii Pozdieiev, Viacheslav Hora, Andrii Shvydenko, Taras Samchenko 21-27
Substantiation of choosing the design of a reactor­dust collector with two colliding flows PDF
Inna Pitak, Valery Shaporev, Oleg Pitak, Nataliia Ponomarova 28-34
Controlling the process of explosive destruction of rocks in order to minimize dust formation and improve quality of rock mass PDF
Oksana Tverda, Leonid Plyatsuk, Mykola Repin, Kostiantyn Tkachuk 35-42
Experimental research into the process of biological treatment of wastewater with the use of the membrane bio­reactor PDF
Tamara Shevchenko, Irina Chub, Dmitry Didrikh 43-51
Research into effectiveness of cavitation cleaning of wastewater of a fat­and­oil plant from organic and biological contamination in the presence of various gases PDF
Uliana Vashkurak, Liliya Shevchuk, Irena Nykulyshyn, Ivan Aftanaziv 51-58
Studying the influence of design and operation mode parameters on efficiency of the systems of biochemical purification of emissions PDF
Anna Bakharevа, Oleksii Shestopalov, Olesya Filenko, Tetyana Tykhomyrova, Olga Rybalova, Sergey Artemiev, Olena Bryhada 59-71