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ISSN (print) 1991-0177
ISSN (online) 1999-818X

Parallel title:
Слобожанський науково-спортивний вісник
Slobozans`kij naukovo-sportivnij visnik

Publisher: Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture
Established: 1997
Frequency: 4 times a year
Publication language – English
DOI-prefix: 10.15391
Certificate of state registration:
КВ No12221-1105Р dated 17.01.2007

The journal includes articles which are reflecting the materials of modern scientific researches in the field of physical culture and sport

The Journal is intended for teachers, coaches, athletes,
postgraduates, doctoral students research workers and other industry experts

The journal is included in category B of professional
publications of Ukraine. Specialties: physical culture and sports (017) (Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine: No 3–05 / 11 dated 10.11.1999, No 1–05 / 34 dated 14.10. 2009; Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No1081 from 29.09.2014; Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No612 of 07.05.2019)

Editor in Chief
Viacheslav Mulyk, Doctor of Science (Physical Education and Sport), Professor (Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Ukraine)

Deputy Editors-in-Chief:
leonid Podrіgalo, Doctor of Science (Medicine), Professor (Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Ukraine)

Kharkiv State Academy of Physica Culture
Klochkivska st. 99
Kharkiv, Ukraine


The articles in this journal are published open access
The content of the journal is licensed by CreativCommons under the terms Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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