Publication fee

The journal maintains an Article Processing Charges (APC) policy for accepted papers only in accordance with the General Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation http://journals.uran.ua/index.php/1991-0177/foravtukr

Only after accepting your article for publication, the editors will notify you of the need to pay the fee for the publication of the article and payment details.

The cost of publishing an article: the equivalent of 50 USD in hryvnia (for authors from Ukraine) / 100 USD (for authors from other countries).

This fee includes reimbursement of expenses related to editorial processing of manuscripts, proofreading, registration of digital object identifiers (annual and ongoing payments to Crossref), web hosting and archiving, maintenance of an open access policy, annual subscription (fee for the use of specialized software), and also overhead costs for organizing the activities of the editorial board of the journal.

If the author cannot pay the publication fee, he has the right to ask for an exception to the payment, justifying his request. The editorial policy of the journal is aimed at ensuring that publication fees do not become an obstacle to the publication of high-quality scientific works, and the opportunity to publish in open access journals is available to as many researchers as possible from around the world.