Editorial process

The Slobozhanskyi Herald of Science and Sport journal adheres to a double-blind peer review policy. The editorial process consists of two stages: preliminary review and peer review.

First stage: preliminary review
All submitted manuscripts received by the editors will be reviewed by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal to determine whether the manuscript is in line with the subject and ethical policy of the journal, whether it is scientifically sound, and whether it has been properly prepared. Manuscripts that do not meet the journal's standards or the journal's ethical policy will be rejected prior to peer review.

Second stage: review
If the article is not rejected at the preliminary review stage, it is submitted for review. Each article is usually reviewed by two independent reviewers (there may be more if necessary, and in some cases the review process may be based on the report of only one reviewer), after which the member of the editorial board in charge of the relevant scientific issue decides on publication in one of the following ways:

• Reject - the article is unacceptable for publication, resubmission is not considered
• Serious revision - the article requires major changes and requires re-consideration without guarantee of acceptance
• Minor revision - the article is accepted on a preliminary basis, subject to the conditions that must be met when preparing the final version of the manuscript.
In both cases of revision, authors are given a 2-week deadline to return revised manuscripts. Any extension of this period should be discussed with the Deputy Editor-in-Chief.