Duplication of submission and redundant publication

The journal considers only original content, i.e. articles that have not been previously published, including those in a language other than English. Articles based on content previously published only on the preprint server, institutional repository, or dissertation will be considered.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not be sent elsewhere while they are under review and must be withdrawn before being submitted elsewhere. Authors whose papers were submitted at the same time elsewhere may be subject to sanctions.

If authors have used their own previously published work or work currently under review as the basis for a submitted manuscript, they should cite previous articles and indicate how their submitted manuscript differs from their previous work. The reuse of the authors' own words outside of the Methodology should be indicated or cited in the text. Reuse of authors' own drawings or substantial amounts of language may require permission from the copyright owner, and authors are responsible for obtaining it.

The journal will consider extended versions of papers published at conferences, provided that this is indicated in the cover letter, the previous version is clearly cited and discussed, there is significant new content, and all necessary permissions have been obtained.

Republishing, improperly separating research results into more than one article (also known as salami slicing) may result in rejection or a request to merge submitted manuscripts, as well as correction of published articles. Republishing the same or very similar article may result in retraction of the later article and the authors may be subject to sanctions.