Ethical principles for reviewers

Potential Conflict of Interest

We ask reviewers to inform the editor of the journal if they have a conflict of interest that could affect the review report, either positively or negatively. The editors will check, as far as possible, before the invitation; however, we appreciate the cooperation of the reviewers in this matter.

Reviewers must refuse to participate in the submission if they:

- Have a recent publication or current application with any author.

- Collaborate or have recently collaborated with any author.

- Have a close personal connection with any author.

- Have a financial interest in the subject of work.

- Feel unable to be objective.

Reviewers should indicate any interests they have in the Review Form, which will be reviewed by the editor.

 Privacy and anonymity

Reviewers must keep the content of the manuscript, including the abstract, confidential. They should let the editor know if they want a colleague to complete the review on their behalf.

The journal conducts double blind peer review. Reviewers should be careful not to reveal their identity to authors in their comments.