Assessing the impact of technology of the physical rehabilitation on functionality of the respiratory system of the children with functional single ventricle


  • (Volodymyr Vitomskiy) Вітомський Володимир Вікторович Національний університет фізичного виховання і спорту України Науково-практичний медичний центр дитячої кардіології та кардіохірургії МОЗ України, Київ, Ukraine



heart defect, physical rehabilitation, functional single ventricle of heart, respiratory system


Purpose: to evaluate the effectiveness of technology in physical rehabilitation of children with functional single ventricle after hemodynamic correction. Material and Methods: 35 patients were examined, aimed at conducting hemodynamic correction including 23 boys and 12 girls aged from 6 to 14 years. A study was conducted using spirography at various stages of physical rehabilitation. The data were processed by adequate methods of mathematical statistics. Results: found reduced function of the respiratory system prior to the surgery. Operation led to a deterioration of most indicators of external respiration. After the rehabilitation course marked by recovery and improvement condition of the respiratory system. Conclusions: the applied technology of physical rehabilitation was effective


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