The analysis of efficiency of tactics of personal defense in basketball




basketball, zone defense, picking ups, regrip, throws


Yevheniya Yaroshenko

Purpose: to define the efficiency of a game of the men's basketball team of high qualification with the use of personal defense.

Material & Methods: games of the men's team of the Superleague "Khimik" of Yuzhnyi are considered. 3 seasons were researched: 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016. Methods were used: analysis and synthesis of data of scientific and methodical literature, pedagogical supervision, comparative analysis, methods of mathematical statistics.

Results: the comparison of average values of number of technical and tactical actions in defense of the team “Khimik”(picking up, regrip) in three seasons is carried out. The analysis of losses of a ball in attack by teams – competitors of the team “Khimik”is carried out. The analysis of data of accuracy of throws against personal protection of the team “Khimik” is carried out.

Conclusions: a defensive play of the team “Khimik” helps them to achieve the high purposes in the championship of Ukraine and the Cup of Ukraine, and also to show their skill on the European arena.


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