Increase in efficiency of game by feet in modern rugby


  • Володимир Муха Національний університет фізичного виховання і спорту України, Київ, Україна,
  • Роман Шолох Національний університет фізичного виховання і спорту України, Київ, Україна,
  • Владлена Пасько Харківська державна академія фізичної культури, Харків, Україна,



rugby, attempt, attempt realization, penalty kick, drop-goal


Volodymyr Mukha, Roman Sholokh & Vladlen Pasko

Purpose: to define the importance of successful carrying out kicks of realization in rugby for the end result of the match.

Material & Methods: the analysis of scientifically-methodical literature and the analysis of the developed results of matches in the rugby World Cups.

Results: the reasons of the developed structure of effectiveness in rugby are described; the developed analysis of results of the final part of the World Cups in rugby of 2011 and 2015 is submitted.

Conclusions: the significant place is taken not only by the brought attempts, and both their successful realization and other game elements by feet because of the high density of the final results and high level of preparedness of teams. The detailed analysis of results of the research demonstrates what not only realization is of great importance in points taking for the final result, but also all kicks by feet what their big percent at points taking testifies to.


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