No 4(60) (2017)

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Swiftness movement evaluation criteria in women's rowing PDF
Volodymyr Bogush, Sergiy Getmantsev, Konstantin Bogatyirev, Yuriy Kulakov, Olga Kuvaldina, Yevgen Yatsunskyi 5-13
An influence of physical rehabilitation on living standards of children with chronic heart failure PDF
Maryana Chekhovska, Liubov Chekhovska 14-17
An improvement of competitive exercises performing on the rings by 10–12 year old gymnasts using special physical training PDF
Alfiya Deyneko 18-21
Influence of bodybuilding training on changes in the anthropometric indicators of skilled female athletes in different phases of a specific biological cycle PDF
Yevheniia Dzhym 22-26
Influence of psychoemotional stress on the functional state of the neuromuscular system and the efficiency of sensorimotor activity of highly skilled athletes PDF
Svitlana Fedorchuk, Olena Lysenko, Olena Kolosova, Tetiana Khalyavka, Volodymyr Romaniuk 27-32
An interrelation of physical working capacity and body component composition indicators of amateur athletes PDF
Zoya Gorenko, Boris Ocheretko, Antonina Kovelskaya 33-37
Increase the level of preparedness of qualified basketball players in the preparatory period PDF
Volodymyr Gradusov, Artem Kuzminchuk 38-40
Physical education problems of 5–9 grade pupils in the context of health preservation PDF
Natalia Idrisova 41-44
Attention indicator dynamics of qualified climbers influenced by hypoxic training during the overcoming various altitude levels of Mount Elbrus PDF
Andriy Kiyko, Viacheslav Mulyk 45-48
A set of professional working ability indicators of military operators PDF
Mykola Korchahin, Oleg Olkhovyі 49-52
An algorithm of rehabilitation examination of persons with Charcot-Marie-Toot disease PDF
Iryna Korman 53-55
Results of continuous passive movement method application in physical rehabilitation process of patients with knee joint pathology PDF
Оlexander Korolkov, Pavlо Bolkhovitin, Anastasia Korolkova, Nasr Al-Kali 56-60
Method of biomechanical analysis of kicks of the main course in acrobatic rock'n'roll PDF
Petro Kyzim, Natalia Batieieva 61-66
Club form of organizing classes in the development of student sport PDF
Oleksii Pavlenko 67-72
Technical and tactical action modeling of highly trained athletes specializing in breaststroke swimming at various length distances PDF
Olga Pilipko, Kateryna Druzhyninska 73-78
A dependence of a sports result on physical development, morphofunctional and special strength preparedness data of weightlifters at the stage of preliminary basic training PDF
Oleksandr Piven, Tetiana Dorofieieva 79-82
Preconditions for the physical state optimization concept formation of female students of medical higher educational institutions PDF
Inna Sazanova, Eduard Doroshenko 83-87
Mass student sport in domestic and foreign practice PDF
Vjаcheslav Shutieiev, Tetiana Shutieieva, Andriy Yefremenko, Olena Nasonkina, Mykhailo Marchenkov 88-91
An effectiveness analysis of a developed differentiated program for dancer’s motor quality development at the stage of specialized basic training PDF
Tetiana Trakaliuk 92-95
Organizing and running winter triathlon competitions in Ukraine PDF
Vladimir Vodlozerov 96-99
Organization and content efficiency substantiation of a strengthened professional and applied physical training course for railway higher educational institution students PDF
Anzhelika Yefremova, Liudmyla Shesterova 100-104