No 1 (21) (2018)

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Table of Contents

The activity of Ukrainian research departments of pedagogy (1922–1930) PDF (Українська)
Olha Bashkir 4-8
Foreign language education as social and philosophical category PDF (Українська)
Irina Onishchuk 8-13
Technology for formation of artistic culture of future artists-designers in the process of professional training PDF (Українська)
Anton Semenyuk 13-16
European educanion policy in the context of doctoral training quality management PDF (Українська)
Olha Fast 16-21
Essence argumentation of the teacher professional development of higher school: theoretical aspects PDF (Українська)
Halyna Sotska, Vadim Lisoviy 22-26
Method of the e-learning support system using as a development of informational and communicative competence of the university distance education center employees PDF (Українська)
Anton Zabolotsky 27-29
Development of multimedia of teaching with pedagogical and psychological aspects PDF (Українська)
Tetiana Andriuschenko, Svetlana Nazarova 30-35
Comparative aspect of developing artistic and technical creativity in students of vocational and technical educational institutions PDF (Українська)
Lidiia Slipchyshyn 35-39