No 3 (13) (2018)

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Investigation of food supplements with preservative e211 (sodium benzoate) using thin-layer chromatography PDF
Juste Gedziute, Mindaugas Marksa, Augusta Zevzikoviene, Vaidas Skyrius, Andrejus Zevzikovas 4-7
Pharmacoeconomic analysis of the use of ramipril and candesartan in patients with arterial hypertension PDF
Alena Marushchak, Evgeniy Shorikov 8-13
Influence of extract of peach ordinary (persica vulgaris) leaves on the state of thymic-lymphatic element of the immune system of rats in conditions of chronic immobilization stress PDF
Oksana Mishchenko, Ganna Zaychenko, Churshed Sharifov, Оlena Koshova, Julia Larianovskaya, Olena Khalieieva 13-18
Synthesis, physical and chemical properties and anxiolytic activity OF 2-(4-(R-arylidenamino)-5-methyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-YL)thio)acetic acids and their salts PDF
Yevgean Pruglo 19-25
Identification and component analysis of triterpenoids in Monarda fistulosa L. and Ocimum americanum L. (Lamiaceae) aerial parts PDF
Mariia Shanaida, Olena Golembiovska 26-31
Phytochemical and pharmacological study of polysaccharide complexes of prunus domestica fruit PDF
Taras Upyr, Shahm Basim Mohammed, Al-Jabbar Ali Sahlani Bashar, Larysa Lenchyk, Igor Senyuk, Viktoria Kyslychenko 32-37
Dynamics of exception of organic acids from mixture of medical vegetable raw material PDF
Iryna Dyachok, Oleh Pinyazhko, Oksana Ivankiv 37-42