Vol 21, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents


Meta-analysis effect of treatment using ktp- laser benign prostatic hyperplasia for indicators cognitive function, blood system, water-salt metabolism and renal function PDF (Українська)
Yu.Ye. Rohovyy, R.I. Maikan, L.Yu. Horay, V.I. Shvets, V.A . Doroshko
The first experience of the ukrainian uroflowmeter «Flow-KM» application for home uroflowmetryc monitoring PDF (Русский)
A.E. Kviatkovskiy, E.A. Kviatkovskiy, T.A. Kvyatkovskaya


Dynamics of еndothelin-1 level and the development of complications in patients with acute epididymoorchitis PDF (Українська)
Ye.A. Litvinets, S.V. Golovko, D.O. Valerko, V.R. Balabanyk
Torsion of morgagni hydatid in «acute scrotum» syndrome PDF (Українська)
L.P. Sarychev, S.A. Sukhomlin, Y.V. Sarychev, S.M. Panasenko, R.B. Savchenko
The role of adhesive and cytokine signaling systems in the pathogenesis of persistent post-eradication urethritis in men, induced by c. trachomatis, u. urealyticum, m. genitalium PDF (Русский)
M.R. Anfilova
Surgical treatment 1of distal venous discharge in patients with venous form of erectile dysfunction PDF (Русский)
V.N. Lesovoy, A.V. Arkatov, Y.V. Avdosiev, A.V. Knigavko, S.G. Kaziiev


Incidental prostate cancer PDF (Русский)
I.M. Antonyan, V.V. Megera, G.G. Khareba, O.N. Gegliuk, V.Y. Bielov
Application of microRNA-15a measured in tumor tissues as a prognostic biomarker of the renal cell carcinoma PDF (Українська)
Yu.O. Mytsyk, V.E. Dosenko, Yu.B. Borys, P.O. Illiuk, I.R. Maksymovych, N.V. Chernova
Imbalance of heavy metals in the prostate gland with its tumor diseases PDF (Українська)
G.A. Samunzhy, I.V. Rachok