Hanna Fayzullina


The problem of threats of anthropological disaster under the influence of technical factors is being studied in the rticle from the standpoint of philosophical anthropology and culturology. The article is devoted to the artistic anticipations of anthropogenic technology-induced disaster, which is analysed as exemplified in world futurology literature and Ukrainian philosophical novel, such as "Solar Machine" by V. Vinnichenko, "Chrystal Land" by D. Buzkat, "Chronos. The History of an Invention" by T. Antypovych.

The object of the article is the philosophical, anthropological and ethno-cultural decadence of the mankind. The subject of the study are the dystopias, in which not only problems of extinction of human values are brought up, but also those of specifically national aspects in culture, accompanied by rapid development of technological aptitude of mankind. The purpose of the article is to show the threats of "Future Shock" as exemplified by modern science fiction, particularly Ukrainian literary dystopia where sounds the warning to current and future generations from the standpoint of human and national ideals of civilizational and cultural development. The article has actual problem of interoperability of technology and humanities.

The study begins with a shot description of world dystopias in which a question of the man conquered by machine is brought up. At the beginning presented are the major anthropological problems of modernity under the influence of perilous modern technologies, in particular computer and Internet. For instance there are Internet addiction, deviant behavior, Internet manipulation, loneliness, escapism, suicide, depression, acceleration, a number of physical and mental illness etc. Then comes the information on detrimental affect of a"machine" upon a human organism by examples from Ukrainian literature. It should be noted that in literary dystopias are shown the anarchic consequences in society under the influence of invention of new technical means, namely spiritual decadence of a man and his ethno-cultural identification.

Thus technology is gradually becoming a possible cause of anthropological and cultural catastrophe, spiritual death of a man and his alienation from nature and society. Ukrainian literary dystopia is aimed at the project of joint survival in the future "eco-humanistic civilization".


philosophical anthropology; anthropological disaster; cultural studies; ethnoculture; technophobia; technocracy; "function of Cassandra" in art; literary dystopia