study of the vitamin composition of herbs of some Elsholtzia Willd. genus species


  • Liudmila Zotsenko Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the NAMS of Ukraine, Ukraine


Introduction. Vitamins are involved in many important processes of the human body, such as humoral regulation and metabolism, are part of enzymes, have antioxidant properties, which are necessary for normal growth and development.
Purpose. The qualitative and quantitative composition of the content of vitamins of two Elsholtzia species was studied.
Materials and methods.
The study object was batches of the Elsholtzia stauntonii Benth. (Mint Bush) and Elsholtzia ciliate Thun. (Chinese Vietnamese Balm.) herb collected during the blossoming period on the basis of M.M. Grishko National Botanical Garden in Kyiv, Ukraine, in August and September 2018-2019. A quantitative content of vitamins was performed by spectrophotometric and fluorimetric methods. Results. It was established the presence of vitamins B1, B2, B3 (PP), B9, C, E and provitamin A. Vitamins accumulated more in the E.stauntonii herb. It has been established that folic acid dominated in the herb of both studied species (28,6±0,07 mg/100g in E.stauntonii herb and 19,9 ± 1,4 mg/100g in E.ciliata herb), and riboflavin had the lowest content.
Conclusions. First in raw material of two species of  Elsholtzia Willd. genus composition of vitamins was studied, quantitative maintenance of every matter is certain. Will be drawn on the got results in further researches.
Keywords: Elsholtzia stauntonii, Elsholtzia ciliata, vitamins, spectrophotometry, fluorimetry

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5761417



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