Borys Bolibrukh

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Department of Civil Safety

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Selected Publications:

  1. Bolibrukh, B., Tokarskiy, O., Kovalenko, О., Stasevych, S., Tykhenko, O. (2022). Determining patterns of the influence of low temperatures of the external environment on head protection for a mountain rescuer. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 5 (10 (119)), 39–48. 

  2. Bolibrukh, B., Glyva, V., Kasatkina, N., Levchenko, L., Tykhenko, O., Panova, O. et al. (2022). Monitoring and management ion concentrations in the air of industrial and public premises. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1 (10(115)), 24–30. 

  3. Khan, N. A., Vambol, V., Vambol, S., Bolibrukh, B., Sillanpaa, M., Changani, F. et al. (2021). Hospital effluent guidelines and legislation scenario around the globe: A critical review. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9 (5), 105874. 

  4. Sytnik, N., Kunitsia, E., Mazaeva, V., Kalyna, V., Chernukha, A., Vazhynskyi, S., Yashchenko, O., Maliarov, M., Bogatov, O., Bolibrukh, B. (2021). Rational conditions of fatty acids obtaining by soapstock treatment with sulfuric acid. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 4 (6 (112)), 6–13. 

  1. Kruzhilko, O., Volodchenkova, N., Maystrenko, V., Bolibrukh, B., Kalinchyk, V., Zakora, A. et al. (2021). Mathematical modelling of professional risk at Ukrainian metallurgical industry enterprises. Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, 1 (108), 35–41. 

  2. Kolosiuk, V. P., Hubachov, O. I., Thibulnik, N. N., Kolosiuk, A. V., Bolibrukh, B. V. (2019). The Torque of Undulated-Current Traction Motors. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Modern Electrical and Energy Systems (MEES). 

  3. Glyva, V. A., Podoltsev, A. D., Bolibrukh, B. V., Radionov, A. V. (2018). A thin electromagnetic shield of a composite structure made on the basis of a magnetic fluid. Tekhnichna Elektrodynamika, 4, 14–18.