Vitalii Dubok

Institute for Problems of Materials Sciences National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Leading researcher
Department № 58 Structural chemistry of solids

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Researcher ID: CPJ-3755-2022

Selected Publications:

  1. Smolyak, S. S., Karbivskyy, V. L., Dubok, V. A., Zagorodniy, Y. O. (2023). Local structure of nanosized bioglasses doped with yttrium and lanthanum by 29Si and 31P MAS NMR. Applied Nanoscience. doi: 

  2. Kusyak, A. P., Oranska, O. I., Marcin Behunova, D., Petranovska, A. I., Chornyi, V. S., Bur’yanov, O. A., Dubok, V. A., Gorbyk, P. P. (2023). XRD, EDX and FTIR study of the bioactivity of 60S GLASS doped with La and Y under in vitro conditions. Himia, Fizika Ta Tehnologia Poverhni, 14 (1), 93–101. doi: 

  3. Kusyak, A., Poniatovskyi, V., Oranska, O., Marcin Behunova, D., Melnyk, I., Dubok, V., Chornyi, V., Bur’yanov, O., Gorbyk, P. (2023). Nanostructured sol-gel bioactive glass 60S: In vitro study of bioactivity and antibacterial properties in combination with vancomycin. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids: X, 20, 100200. doi: 

  4. Kusyak, A. P., Petranovska, A. L., Turanska, S. P., Oranska, O. I., Shuba, Yu. M., Kravchuk, D. I. et. al. (2021). Synthesis and properties of nanostructures based on lanthanum fluoride for photodynamic therapy of tumors of the cranial cavity and bone tissue. Himia, Fizika ta Tehnologia Poverhni, 12 (3), 216–225. doi: 

  5. Buryanov, O. A., Chornyi, V. S., Dubok, V. A., Savosko, S. I., Vakulych, M. V., Protsenko, V. V. et. al. (2021). Reparative Regeneration by Substitution of Bone Tissue Defects with Bioglass, Using Regeneration Technologies. International Journal of Morphology. 39 (1), 186–191. doi: 

  6. Shevchenko, A. V. (2014). Synthesis of nanocrystalline zirconia-based powder for surgery implants and study of radionuclides content in it. Functional Materials, 21 (4), 476–481. doi: 

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