Vasily Efremenko

State Higher Educational Institution "Priazoivskyi State Technical University", Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department
Department of Physics

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Researcher ID: R-7142-2016
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Selected Publications:

  1. Efremenko, V. G., Chabak, Yu. G., Shimizu, K., Golinskyi, M. A., Lekatou, A. G., Petryshynets, I. et al. (2023). The novel hybrid concept on designing advanced multi-component cast irons: Effect of boron and titanium (Thermodynamic modelling, microstructure and mechanical property evaluation). Materials Characterization, 197, 112691. doi: 

  2. Efremenko, V. G., Lekatou, A. G., Chabak, Yu. G., Efremenko, B. V., Petryshynets, I., Zurnadzhy, V. I. et al. (2023). Micromechanical, corrosion and wet sliding wear behaviours of Co-28Cr-6Mo alloy: Wrought vs. LPBF. Materials Today Communications, 35, 105936. doi: 

  3. Chabak, Y., Petryshynets, I., Efremenko, V., Golinskyi, M., Shimizu, K., Zurnadzhy, V. et al. (2023). Investigations of Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Hybrid High-Boron Multi-Component Alloys: Effect of Boron and Carbon Contents by the Factorial Design Method. Materials, 16 (6), 2530. doi: 

  4. Purba, R. H., Kusumoto, K., Shimizu, K., Efremenko, V. (2023). Erosive Wear Behavior of Novel Hybrid Multicomponent Cast Alloys with Different C and B Contents. Lubricants, 11 (6), 243. doi: 

  5. Chabak, Y., Efremenko, V., Zurnadzhy, V., Puchý, V., Petryshynets, I., Efremenko, B. et. al. (2022). Structural and Tribological Studies of “(TiC + WC)/Hardened Steel” PMMC Coating Deposited by Air Pulsed Plasma. Metals, 12 (2), 218. doi: 

  6. Efremenko, B. V., Zurnadzhy, V. I., Chabak, Yu. G., Efremenko, V. G., Kudinova, K. V., Mazur, V. A. (2022). A comparison study on the effect of counter ball material on sliding wear response of SLM-printed biomedical 316L steel. Materials Today: Proceedings. doi: 

  7. Zurnadzhy, V. I., Efremenko, V. G., Wu, K. M., Lekatou, A. G., Shimizu, K., Chabak, Y. G. et. al. (2020). Quenching and Partitioning–Based Heat Treatment for Rolled Grinding Steel Balls. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 51 (6), 3042–3053. doi: 

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  10. Kusumoto, K., Shimizu, K., Efremenko, V. G., Hara, H., Shirai, M., Ito, J. et. al. (2019). Three body type abrasive wear characteristics of multi-component white cast irons. Wear, 426-427, 122–127. doi: 

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  13. Efremenko, V. G., Wu, K. M., Chabak, Y. G., Shimizu, K., Isayev, O. B., Kudin, V. V. (2018). Alternative Heat Treatments for Complex-Alloyed High-Cr Cast Iron Before Machining. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 49 (8), 3430–3440. doi: 

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