Gabriel Fedorko

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
Professor, MSc., PhD, MBA
BERG Faculty,  Institute of Logistics and Transport

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Researcher ID: B-7337-2011

Selected Publications:

  1. Tkac, J., Toth, T., Molnar, V., Dovica, M., Fedorko, G. (2022). Observation of porous Structure’s deformation wear after axial loading with the use of Industrial computed tomography (CT). Measurement, 200, 111631. doi: 
  2. Tkac, J., Toth, T., Molnar, V., Dovica, M., Fedorko, G. (2022). Possibilities of analysis of porous structures using industrial computed tomography. Engineering Failure Analysis, 137, 106296. doi: 
  3. Fedorko, G., Molnár, V., Vasiľ, M., Salai, R. (2021). Proposal of digital twin for testing and measuring of transport belts for pipe conveyors within the concept Industry 4.0. Measurement, 174, 108978. doi: 
  4. Fedorko, G., Nečas, J., Zegzulka, J., Gelnar, D., Molnár, V., Tomašková, M. (2021). Measurement of Amount for Steel Abrasive Material Transported by Special Scraper Conveyor. Applied Sciences, 11 (4), 1852. doi: 
  5. Maláková, S., Urbanský, M., Fedorko, G., Molnár, V., Sivak, S. (2021). Design of Geometrical Parameters and Kinematical Characteristics of a Non-circular Gear Transmission for Given Parameters. Applied Sciences, 11 (3), 1000. doi: 
  6. Strohmandl, J., Tomek, M., Molnár, V., Jakubčeková, J. M., Fedorko, G., Maláková, S. (2020). Using Travel Times for Optimization Numbers of Medical Rescue Service Points – Case Study from Slovakia. Sustainability, 13 (1), 207. doi: 
  7. Fedorko, G., Molnár, V., Mikušová, N. (2020). The Use of a Simulation Model for High-Runner Strategy Implementation in Warehouse Logistics. Sustainability, 12 (23), 9818. doi: 
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  9. Molnar, V., Fedorko, G., Honus, S., Andrejiova, M., Grincova, A., Michalik, P., Palencar, J. (2020). Research in placement of measuring sensors on hexagonal idler housing with regard to requirements of pipe conveyor failure analysis. Engineering Failure Analysis, 116, 104703. doi: 
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