Alexander Roshal

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine
Doctor of Sciences, Senior Researcher, Head of Department
Research Institute of Chemistry, Department of Physical Organic Chemistry

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Researcher ID: H-2067-2016
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Selected Publications:

  1. Cheipesh, T. A., Mchedlov–Petrossyan, N. O., Bogdanova, L. N., Kharchenko, D. V., Roshal, A. D., Vodolazkaya, N. A., Taranets, Yu. V., Shekhovtsov, S. V., Rodik, R. V., Kalchenko, V. I. (2022). Aggregates of cationic calix[4]arenes in aqueous solution as media for governing protolytic equilibrium, fluorescence, and kinetics. Journal of Molecular Liquids, 366, 119940. doi:

  2. Mishurov, D., Voronkin, A., Roshal, A., Vashchenko, O. (2022). Nonlinear activity and long-term stability of thin polymer films based on poly(3,5,7,3′,4′-pentahydroxyflavone-8-sulfonic acid) sodium salt. Polymers and Polymer Composites, 30, 096739112110729. doi: 

  3. Tkachenko, A., Onishchenko, A., Posokhov, Y., Roshal, A., Myasoedov, V., Nakonechna, O. (2021). Changes in cell membranes of white blood cells treated with a common food additive E407a. Turkish Journal of Biochemistry, 46 (5), 557–562. doi: 

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  5. Krzymiński, K. K., Roshal, A. D., Rudnicki‐Velasquez, P. B., Żamojć, K. (2019). On the use of acridinium indicators for the chemiluminescent determination of the total antioxidant capacity of dietary supplements. Luminescence, 34 (5), 512–519. doi: 

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  10. Serdiuk, I. E., Roshal, A. D. (2017). Exploring double proton transfer: A review on photochemical features of compounds with two proton-transfer sites. Dyes and Pigments, 138, 223–244. doi: 

  11. Serdiuk, I. E., Roshal, A. D., Błażejowski, J. (2016). Origin of Spectral Features and Acid–Base Properties of 3,7-Dihydroxyflavone and Its Monofunctional Derivatives in the Ground and Excited States. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120 (25), 4325–4337. doi: 

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  13. Serdiuk, I. E., Reszka, M., Myszka, H., Krzymiński, K., Liberek, B., Roshal, A. D. (2016). Flavonol-based fluorescent indicator for determination of β-glucosidase activity. RSC Advances, 6 (48), 42532–42536. doi: 

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