Francesco Tornabene

Universita del Salento, Lecce, Italy
PhD, Assistant Professor
DICAM Department

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Researcher ID: E-4789-2012
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Selected Publications:

  1. Tornabene, F., Viscoti, M., Dimitri, R. (2022). Higher order theories for the free vibration analysis of laminated anisotropic doubly-curved shells of arbitrary geometry with general boundary conditions. Composite Structures, 297, 115740. doi: 

  2. Fazzolari, F. A., Viscoti, M., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2021). 1D-Hierarchical Ritz and 2D-GDQ Formulations for the free vibration analysis of circular/elliptical cylindrical shells and beam structures. Composite Structures, 258, 113338. doi: 

  3. Dastjerdi, S., Malikan, M., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2021). Nonlocal elasticity analysis of moderately thick porous functionally graded plates in a hygro-thermal environment. Composite Structures, 255, 112925. doi: 

  4. Arshid, H., Khorasani, M., Soleimani-Javid, Z., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2020). Quasi-3D Hyperbolic Shear Deformation Theory for the Free Vibration Study of Honeycomb Microplates with Graphene Nanoplatelets-Reinforced Epoxy Skins. Molecules, 25 (21), 5085. doi: 

  5. Jouneghani, F. Z., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2018). Structural response of porous FG nanobeams under hygro-thermo-mechanical loadings. Composites Part B: Engineering, 152, 71–78. doi: 

  6. Arefi, M., Mohammad-Rezaei Bidgoli, E., Dimitri, R., Bacciocchi, M., Tornabene, F. (2018). Application of sinusoidal shear deformation theory and physical neutral surface to analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric plate. Composites Part B: Engineering, 151, 35–50. doi: 
  7. Tornabene, F., Bacciocchi, M. (2018). Dynamic stability of doubly-curved multilayered shells subjected to arbitrarily oriented angular velocities: Numerical evaluation of the critical speed. Composite Structures, 201, 1031–1055. doi: 

  8. Kiani, Y., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2018). Free vibration study of composite conical panels reinforced with FG-CNTs. Engineering Structures, 172, 472–482. doi: 

  9. Kiani, Y., Dimitri, R., Tornabene, F. (2018). Free vibration of FG-CNT reinforced composite skew cylindrical shells using the Chebyshev-Ritz formulation. Composites Part B: Engineering, 147, 169–177. doi: 

  10. Tornabene, F., Brischetto, S. (2018). 3D capability of refined GDQ models for the bending analysis of composite and sandwich plates, spherical and doubly-curved shells. Thin-Walled Structures, 129, 94–124. doi: 

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