Olena Tymoschuk

State University of Infrastructure and Technologies, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Department of Navigation and Ship Management

Director of Kyiv Institute of Water Transport named after Hetman Peter Konashevich-Sagaidachny

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Researcher ID: AAD-7158-2019
ID ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3684-6182

Selected Publications:

  1. Fomіn, O., Kozynka, O., Klymash, A., Tymoshchuk, O. (2023). The Control Analysis of the Current Receivers Іnteraction (Іncluding Composites) with the Contact Wire. Transport Means - Proceedings of the International Conference, 755–760.

  2. Tymochko, O., Fustii, V., Kolesnyk, A., Olizarenko, S., Kalashnyk, G., Kulish, R., Tymoschuk, O., Galinskyi, D. (2023). Inter-Object Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Increase the Efficiency and Accuracy of Inspection of Power Lines. Problems of the Regional Energetics, 1 (57), 28–38. https://doi.org/10.52254/1857-0070.2023.1-57.03 

  3. Holub, H., Kulbovskyi, I., Kharuta, V., Tkachuk, M., Tymoshchuk, O.(2021). Methods of Intelligent Data Processing of the System of Control and Diagnostics of Electric Power Transport Objects. Transport Means - Proceedings of the International Conference, 797–801.

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