Certain features of hemodynamic and motor disorders in chronic atherosclerotic cerebral ischemia for selection of physical rehabilitation


  • (Alla Yermolayeva) Єрмолаєва Алла Вячеславівна Dnipropetrovsk state institute of physical culture and sports, Ukraine




hemodynamic disturbances, chronic cerebral ischemia, physical rehabilitation, fitness elements of modern technology


Purpose: to determine the characteristic changes in the functional state of the cardiovascular system and the features of motor disorders in women with chronic atherosclerotic ischemia of the brain, in the future to select appropriate means of physical rehabilitation. Material and Methods: analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodological literature and Internet sources on the topic of the study; analysis of case histories; methods of study of the cardiovascular system (electrocardiography, ultrasound of the brain vessels and neck, etc.). Results: found that all the examined patients had certain hemodynamic and movement disorders. Conclusions: it was found that a comprehensive assessment of the functional state of the individual patient is a prerequisite for individual orientation of rehabilitation measures, among which, along with medical physical culture, massage and physical therapy is appropriate to apply the elements of the modern fitness technology.


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